Haylie’s family corner

This is specialized corner where I talk about my musical family members because we basically love making music for our own joy, not for any profitable causes ( one of my cousins does by the way and he’s extremely good!). So I’ll start of with one of my most well beloved cousins that is currently living in Canada.

This is Ignace ( but I usually call him Iggy), why do I look up to him so much? He’s such a great  music producer that I’ve ever known. Not that he’s my cousin that makes me have the rights to praise him, but he’s technically good. He’s done a lot of mixing work, including for one of our Vietnamese pop singers Duc Tuan for his very first Broadway album. Iggy has self written two Vietnamese musicals called ” Huyen Cam” and “Trang” where he did all of the music by himself, his mom helped out with the Vietnamese lyrics. Despite the fact of being in Canada, but for me, my cousin has a vast love for his  cultural heritage as a Vietnamese person. Many of his Vietnamese songs include the traditional sounds of the zither to the Vietnamese flute, creating a beautiful canvas in his music. We met again last summer, he told me this that I’d never ever forget ” Keep practicing your voice, you’ve got a great foundation so don’t ever lose it. And I want you to be the first Vietnamese to have the leading role of the Broadway production “Miss Saigon”. I’m eager to see him again, because something has just ticked in our mind, something big and promising. We’ll see!



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