Updated Tips for Outdoors Music Festivals


It’s that time of year again! Summer music festivals are here for us all to swing to the music, dress for the best and of course…if you wanna survive at a crowded music fest for a whole day long, consider these tips!

PS: Future Now Music Festival in Saigon is coming next week and I’m going! Soooo excited!

1) Don’t be dehydrated!


We all know that music fests are mostly outdoors and that means it’s gonna be super hot outside, you may wanna bring yourself at least 2 medium bottles of water to refresh your throat and hydrate your body as well! Admit it, you’re squeezed in the middle of the crowd and you don’t wanna be fainted after that because of dehydration, eh? Drink some more! I mean…more water.

One thing to consider though, music fests in Vietnam usually don’t let us have our own bottles of water into the venue but they make us buy their foods and drinks instead. So I recommend putting into your pocket an average amount of cash for in-venue foods and drinks. It sucks but…that’s what they do.


Put them sandals away! Gladiator sandals or flip flops? You don’t wanna hurt yourself from the nonstop jumping from the crowd! Rock the Converse and Vans, it has to be sneakers in general that you feel most comfy with. So you can dance the night away with your buds!



3) #OOTD!!

Fashion: I recommend going all out with outdoors music fests with fedoras, snapbacks, crop tops or even ripped jeans shorts! Be as comfy and light as possible, the clothes you wear tells people who you are so just be yourself!


You can either go rock and roll or….


Boho inspired like Vanessa!

Hair and Accessories:

_Hair: if you’re daring, ombre hair is perfect for outdoors music fests! Or if you’re not brave enough to go ombre, put some fake highlights on and you’re good to go.




_Accessories: I know that lots of girls are going to break out their flower headbands, right? So my answer is, why not? Ear cuffs are also very in this summer, but put the huge statement ear cuffs away since you don’t wanna lose them while being too busy dancing!


Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 9.37.20 PM

'The Bling Ring' Premiere - The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival



4) Time to EAT! 

Prepare to eat some light snacks before getting into the venue, find an opportunity to eat whenever you can! They do sell snacks at the concert as well but if you’re not sure about your stomach, eat some of your own homemade snacks before you go.

51b3b2045410e50815 Burrito IMG_5032 copy

Oh and one more thing! Do wear sun block for skin protection! Most importantly, takes lots of photos and have fun with you buds! DANCE AWAY!



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