My SoundCloud has reached up to 600 followers! Ain’t it big??

Okay, this will definitely sound so cheesy and so overwhelming and probably a little too much for all of you because I just can’t take it anymore but to say…THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT!

Even though to some of you, 600 is not a big number but for me…by going little by little and to improve myself as an amateur musician (and I’ll try my best to be professional!!), is more than a big deal for me! I started off my SoundCloud account back in 2010 (maybe?), and of course during the first days it was pretty daunting because I’d be lying if I said “I want more listeners! i wanna be noticed right away!”. But for now, 600 is such a beautiful number to have!

My life revolves around music, and I don’t think it will ever be worn out throughout the years. I sincerely thank my parents for inspiring me so much in everything I do. Both of them are music lovers, not so professional but by being so pure and sincere; i could never ask for more. I never thought I could be able to sing up until I was around 10, and back then I didn’t wanna sing to others because…well…i was scared to be embarrassed. But for now, I’m not longer that kind of girl anymore. I’m willing to share my own voice for the better and for the worse; for the people that I love and for making new relationships all around the world. I always tell myself to thank God for giving me my own ears to listen to those stunning sounds around me, and mom tends to tell me the same thing every single day.

All of my friends, thank you so much for your nonstop inspiration and love for me. You guys are the activators to make me feel stronger than ever with music! Thanks to your encouragement and recommendations, I feel confident enough to challenge myself with different genres as well as try out some more kinds of music that I never had thought that I could have actually liked them all! And thanks for the friendships that we’re all having right now, I hope it’ll remain just the same as we first met! There was this little friend of mine that once told me as she was wishing me a happy birthday last year “You are insanely and incredibly inspirational not only for me but for the others, keep on singing and follow your dreams!” as well as one of my high school teachers wrote in my yearbook saying “Haylie, whatever you do, don’t stop singing as I wanna hear more of yours!”. It’s just so stunningly motivational to hear those words, and I’ll strike for the better for sure!

More goodness from me to all of you to come during summer on SOUNDCLOUD , you just have to sit back and wait! Once again, thank you for all of your sincere love! Even though for some of you that I haven’t talked or met before, or I don’t know who you are but I’m with you all!


That perfect girl is gone ;)

That perfect girl is gone 😉





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