I’m pretty sure most of you have seen the biggest yet epic comeback of our long lost N’sync along with JT, right? To be honest, therew as an ounce of nostalgia got back to me while I was singing to one of their hits Bye Bye Bye. Did you guys feel the same way as I did?

I mean, after more than 10 years straight that we haven’t seen any N’nync members apart from JT for his gigantic global success. And now with a high profile comeback album as “The 20/20 Experience” (soon to released another 20/20), it was like a fairytale come true seeing them dancing and singing on the same stage with those back in the day hits that we used to root ourselves in. Don’t you guys think that it could have been eye vs ear candy if they’d extended the duration of the reunion of the boys? I mean come one!!! It’s been for a decade and it took a toll to bring them back again! Nevertheless, JT’s package of 15 minutes of songs was mind blowing! I mean…I would surely dance to all of them like Taylor did lol!

Tell me what you think about the VMAs 2013 in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you! And thumbs up if you want N’sync to make a reunion album!!



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