Food for Thought : Is Danielle Bradbery worth the title?

Okay, I know I’m being sarcastic. And please note that this is a two way article so if you wanna move on and read…you’re welcome to do so 🙂 I’m not forcing you to bare with me throughout the post, but I just want to raise my very own personal point of view about the new winner of The Voice season 4- Danielle Bradbery.

Okay, she’s cute, right? Yup, checked! She wears cowboy boots, she sings country hits and she’s only 16? Checked! Is she talented? Checked (or else she wouldn’t have won the highest title). But let’s look at this year’s winner in a 2 way perspective.

Blake is surely a smart artist, this is the 3rd time he’s won and it appears to me that he should be a great coach. I don’t know the secrets behind his coaching and his strategies that make him so skillful in coaching his team mates…but one thing for sure that for season 5…people would go for him (potential country artists, for sure) as their coach. Why? Because they would love to win the game! Talking about Danielle, we could see that she has the potential to win this as Blake was praising her to death right after her blind audition and I could feel that (slightly). And she’s 16 years old, and to be able to kick everybody’s asses outta her way in her own age is pretty intimidating! I truly hope that Danielle will develop her career even more and not go be deceived by the glam of showbiz.

On the other hand, it’s not persuasive to me that she’s the winner. Here are the two main reasons why I personally think that it should have been Michelle Chamuel rather than her.

1) Danielle doesn’t have that much diversity in her song choice like Michelle. She’d rather go for those old schooled country hits that everyone barely knows or even have heard of! Michelle is lucky enough to have Usher, and he knows what to do with his babies. Although Danielle is a sweet home country girl, but she needs to diversify her future career.

2) I don’t know what’s going on with America, is it me or their preference towards country music is in a large scale? Possible, yes. And for a 16 year-old girl like Danielle that can sing “country” or can “countrify” her songs, this could potentially be the reason why she got the title! Whereas Michelle shows all of her best from pop to rock, all kinds of music! But for the general preference, again….diversity is the key for any artist.

Anyways, a huge congrats to Danielle and I hope you will go further in the nearest future! And don’t try to hard ro countrify your songs, get experienced with all different kinds of music will you?



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