How to ” successfully survive” at a music festival + Styling ideas!

Summer is here! So that means more music festivals are there to serve your hunger of melodies! I’m gonna show you tips and tricks on how to enjoy the music to the fullest without feeling worn out vs some styling ideas…because you still want to look picture perfect, right? 🙂

1) Avoid sandals, wear sneakers instead!

Sandals are comfy to walk in, but it could be a huge danger at an outdoor music festival. Because you’re allowing your feet to be stepped on by other people, and ouch…it hurts! Instead, have a pair of sneakers…Converse or Vans will do best. You still wanna be able to dance, and if you’re wearing sandals or flip flops, you don’t wanna be stomped on your feet do you?


You can either go for a casual pair of sneakers to match your outfits or….you can rock these babies out! Make sure not to poke someone’s eyes out with these 🙂 


Be comfy and casual if you want 🙂 Seriously, I’d want a Converse closet! 


And put these at home 🙂 

2) Do have your sun block, your hat and your sun glasses in your bag! 

Summer is here, and you want to protect your skin from those harmful UV rays. Have sun block all over your body and your face to prevent yourself from sunburn, because you will be standing in the crowd from the late noon til night! Sun glasses is also your best friend as well, give your eyes some love! And of course, you can rock out a beautiful fedora hat at a concert….who knows, you could be spot by a cute guy there 😉


Fedora hat is very in for summer! Every girl should have one of these in their closet.

3) Water is your best bud! 

You don’t wanna be dehydrated from the heat, do you? Always have at least 2 bottles of water in your bag, because it might be a little hard to find a place to refill your water bottle. Stay fresh is a must during a concert, fainting in the middle of a concert is not fun at all! Trust me, you will thank yourself for this!


Stay hydrated, music lovers! 

4) Do look your best! And have a blast! 

_ Go for a casual look, there are different ways to rock out your style without overdoing it. If you’re an indie chick like me, go for a plain t-shirt with a pair of jeans shorts then…layer your plain top with a military jacket or a bright colored shirt. And if you’re a rock chick, studded items are your statements 🙂



_ Cross body bags are very handy during this occasion, cause it’ll keep all of your essentials in place and you can swing your hands in the air to the music freely.


That’s it, actually! Hope you all have fun enjoying the music and remember to be safe! Toodles! 


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