How to be confident on stage without a string of nervousness!

Howdy howdy! 

Since I’ve been quite of an entertainner (not really professional but hey…I’ve been on the stage for a several times and I know how it feels to get up there and feel so stressed out at the very first time!)…let me tell you some of my tips for that preparation of yours when you’re about to go out there and get your performance done! Once and for all! Of course you have to nail it, you have to get your audience craving for more of you! Here are my 5 tips to keep you less nervous and boost up your self confidence! 

1) Remember to breath! If it doesn’t work, chewing gum is your best friend! 

Nothing is more powerful than a breath! Believe me, it clears out your pressure a lot and it’ll keep you calm and cool. If this fails, try chewing gum…at least you’re giving your mouth a favor to do something while you’re waiting for your turn to perform 🙂 



2) Giving your ears some jam! 

Listening to music right before your performance is such a great way to go! A lot of musicians do this to calm their nerves down 🙂 (I know, Gustav Schaffer aka the drummer from Tokio Hotel does this all the time!). Sing along to the tunes, dance along to the rhythm or maybe give yourself a little rehearsal of your performance if you’re singing…and if you’re dancing, revise the routine! 



3) Chit chat is a must! 

Believe me, if you’re performing at a fair/festival or a school talent show, most of the time people are in the same pressure as yours so don’t feel so left out! Everyone has their own anxiety and so are you…grab a friend to talk to is such a great way to forget about the anxiety that you have! Or even better….have a chat with your fellow performers, it’s pretty fun when you guys are…you know….nervous at the same time and you share it with one another 🙂 Believe me, this greatly helps! 

4) Make sure to rehearse in advance!

Even if you’ve performed your particular act a several times before, it’s best to give it a little more glam 🙂 If you’re in a dance team, give your dancing performance a little bit more spice by adding a few elements to the routines. And if you’re singing, try to make it a bit unique by doing a mashup or anything that is at your comfort zone, but still you gotta make it more polished and fun. Your fans don’t wanna have the same act to be done all over and over again, it’s boring! Even better, have a new act if you wanna have a change! 

PS: if you’re singing, remember to sing a few notes in advance to open up your vocal cords…and if you’re dancing, do some stretching and warm up exercises! 


5) The very final tip is….actually nothing than having fun! 🙂 

You don’t wanna stand up there and be like a puppet, don’t you? 🙂 Be yourself and have fun! Be explosive and enthusiastic! People do judge you for who you’re trying to be, but they can’t judge you for who you are cuz you are that awesome! 🙂 Be creative, forget about the world and get your act badass! Of course you’ll feel a bit uncomfy at first, but the more you allow yourself to be relaxed at its best, the better your performance will be and the more cheering you’ll get! 

I hope these tips help you all 🙂 GOOD LUCK AND SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A STAR! 



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