How to make a successful and distinctive cover!

Hey folks!

Sorry for not blogging for awhile and now as you guys can see, I’m all back! Instead of continuing my series of “Are covers better than the originals?”..I wanted to share you guys some guidelines on how to make a distinctive cover of any song of your choice and to make it “yourself”. Hence, it’s still related to the term “cover”, right? 🙂 

I recently put up two of my Broadway covers on my Soundcloud and I’m still overwhelmed by you guys’ time to like and listen to it, it means a tons to me! However, one of my cousins called Iggy has just given me some point outs on how to make my covers even more ear catchy. For examples, with a particular song…try to put yourself in a certain context or situation; think about your past experience that you’d gone through. Put yourself in it, feel the lyrics and the melodies, but don’t overdo it…or else it’s gonna sound a know…odd hehe 🙂 In other words, make the song as if it’s your personal story, don’t force yourself to be in the exact story of the song…as I said, think of an alternative. 

And always try to make it your own version; it doesn’t mean that you have to completely switch the song into a different appetite. Make it suitable with your voice, your style and your interests. For example, my strengths are pop ballad and musicals; so I’d try to make the originals suit my cup of tea. Then once it’s done, you’re pretty much good to go! You don’t have to the copy, people will probably listen to you for a second and then they’ll switch to the originals 🙂 That’s the rule of thumb! 

I hope this helps you all! All thanks to my cousin and a bit of my thoughts to share you all! Keep on singing your hearts out! 






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