February Favorites!

It’s on again, today’s the very first day of March and during February….I caught quite a lot of exotic yet additive sounds to share to you all 🙂 Some of them are quite unfamiliar cuz you know me…I love exploring new music! Let’s get started!

1) Not Giving In- Rudimental feat Alex Clare 

I had the privilege to know this song through one of my lecturers at RMIT and as we were having a break during our 3-hr session…he showed us this music video. The concept is very realistic and not that abstract to understand; it tells the determination of people to get through every single barrier in life. The music itself includes a hint of dubstep, creating such an addictive sound! It starts of gracefully with trumpet ( I personally love trumpet) and them BAM! Your ears are gonna be heavily exploded!



2) Heart Attack- Demi Lovato 

i’m not a fan of the Disney girls, but Demi is the total exception. You can see how much she manages to reach her maturity in her music and her thoughts; for this song in particular, you can still see the usual Demi that we’ve been seeing after all these years: innovative and a bit of a rebel. I just simply keep singing to the chorus…well I mean….how can I help myself not to sing it out loud? 🙂



3) Bundy- Animal Alpha 

If any of you have seen Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters already, then this should be your concern. The song is played during the credits and damn!!! It’s such an adrenaline running through every single system in your whole body structure! You feel like you wanna punch someone in the face or simply take a gun and shoot! I know….i’ve been quite of a bloody person these days so I’ll make an excuse for thinking about shooting and punching as bizarre as hell 🙂



4) Hurts- Locked out of Heaven ( Bruno Mars cover)

A massive different from Bruno’s! Just discovered these guys through a friend of mine as she was screaming all out OMG OMG OMG! If you seek for an exotic and provocative feeling interpretation of this song, then this would satisfy every ounce of your sense 😉 I’ve been breaking out their previous records to listen to, freaking amazing!

Style: " 00 HT 17"


5) Coldplay- Charlie Brown (live version with THE LED LIGHTS WRISTBANDS) 

I once read an inspirational story on one of the Coldplay’s fan pages on Facebook, it said that one of the fans proposed Chris Martin the idea of having the led lights wristbands during the show and these wristbands will be generated by the computers to produce the lights. Even more cooler, the lights will be synced into the music rhythm of these 2 songs :Charlie Brown and Fix You. I don’t know if there’s any other songs to do with the lights but look at them….it’s like you’re squeezed in a sea of bright lights! Chris Martin for me is such a perfectionist, he wants every single show to be different and he wants the best to the audience, both visually and musically. If you guys don’t know what i’m taking about, please watch the video below and you’ll be in awe!




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