Grammy 2013 Fashion Spotlights: Could it be any greater than this!?

I’m not going to mention about the nominations or the winners or anything that is music related…but instead let’s take on another side of Grammy which is FASHION! So, a lot of you have known that Grammy this year was a bit complicated for the celebs in terms of fashion matters, they were not allowed to be presented with overdone cut outs or anything that shows…well..a lot of skin! Hence, the beauties took the advantage of this and made it look even more sleek and chic by having elegant yet fancy gowns and dresses! The cut outs were extremely sexy and attractive, be sure not to burn your eyes out! Here are some of the iconic examples that I find most eye candy 😉 



On the top of my list is the “precious diamond” Rihanna. She seriously knows how to rock her flawless skin tone with this beautiful and flowy red gown! i’m quite surprised about her hair though because I actually like Rihanna with long hair; it somehow tones down the loudness that she tends to have 🙂 Plus the red lips are to die for! Hail to the diamond, guys! 



Standing next to Rihanna makes Adele looks a bit overwhelming, I guess 🙂 Adele sure knows the best to dress for her body type but I seriously don’t like the floral patterns…it makes Adele look even more older 😦 Plus the patterns are a bit big, so again…Adele looks like a walking tea pot with this dress 😦 



Carrie Underwood has AGAIN BLOWN US AWAY! Still keeping an element of elegance within her, this black gown is one of the biggest statements! I don’t have any words further for Carrie’s sense of fashion, cuz obviously for me, she’s the queen of country music 🙂 



Looking all princessy again, huh Taylor!? I extremely love the cut in the back of the gown that goes along with the glittery details, it is so Taylor Swift! Though I’m not a fan of Taylor but the way she dresses help me learn so much! Anyways, congratulations with the another Grammy, Tay! 



Who run the world? BEYONCE! The jumpsuit enhances her body shape so well with black and white as the main colors. Beyonce seems to be so subtle and young for Grammy this year, maybe she wants to take a break from breaking in those extreme gowns? 😛 



Katy Perry has burned my eyes out again! I really really and really love this pale green color of her dress! The neck detail as the main statement is so indescribable! Plus Katy’s youthful beauty is the killer! 


I’ve loved J.Lo for so long in terms of fashion and accessories! She gracefully shows one of her legs by having this edgy yet elegant black dress. The hair and makeup are so well seriously can’t go wrong with top knot if you wanna show of your back 😉 



Nicole Kidman looks so good in gold! I guess that’s one of the reasons why she usually breaks out her golden dresses to enhance her rosy pink skin tone. No wonder she’s ageless! A tip is learned here, dress young! You only live once! 🙂 

Comment below and tell me which one is your top top fave! 🙂 



One thought on “Grammy 2013 Fashion Spotlights: Could it be any greater than this!?

  1. Theo chị thì bộ của JLo ko tinh tế lắm. Dáng của nàng đã hơi thô mà cùng 1 lúc 2 nhát cắt trên dưới. Chỗ phần chân nên cắt vừa thôi. Mần chi mà lộ nguyên cái đùi to ra hơi thô. Tóc thì c nghĩ nên xoã dài thẳng nhìn sexy hơn 😉
    Bộ của Beyonce nếu là cái chân váy chữ A thì toẹt 😡
    Thích nhất Riri look 😡

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