Fall Out Boy is back!

You probably have been wondering, where the heck is Fall out Boy? What have they been up to? I’m about to reveal the answer to you, you’ve got a brand new treat from the guys! Their latest single called “My Songs know what You did last night (Light ’em up). Despite the fucking long title, this song is the bomb for a start! I’ve literally been going “Light em up up up light em up up up with fire!”. This will surely be my song of the year, 2013 is gonna be big!

I’m not gonna waste your time for any longer, here ya all go and scream!


PS: love the how they throw everything into fire! Gahhhh I wanna do that either…to some of my haters 😉 Plus I miss my chubby Patrick back 😦 Am I the only one who thinks Patrick looks good when he’s a bit overweight? I mean…he’s so in shape now.



2 thoughts on “Fall Out Boy is back!

  1. I think he seems more confident now with his new look :3 cuz back then he always appeared with hats and glasses ( kinda nerdy ) but now ouch!! darn hawttttt ♥

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