January Favorites!

The main purpose of this post is to wrap up 5 of my most listened to songs as I love them to death and will be re listening to them in February.

1) Fire in the Water (Feist)

Despite the ugly fact that the vampire series suck, but the music is still in a good direction. This is probably one of my favorite songs throughout the soundtrack album. This is played during the love scene of Bella and Edward when she’s already a newborn vampire, I don’t like the movie that much but this scene is beautifully made along with this haunting voice of Feist. It’s scary but hell outta sexy at the same time, and since I’ve been getting myself into Indie Music a lot so I guess you guys can call me a total hipster from now on haha!


2) Suit and Tie (Justin Timberlake feat Jay-Z) 

OMG I just simply can’t get over Justin’s new song yet! I’m not a lunatic fan of Justin but welcome to the golden age of chilling RnB! Some of you JT lovers out there may not love the song just yet, but it truly take a few times to actually listen and feel it! I fell for it instantly and still can’t get over it! The sexiness of Justin is still there, but it’s much more mature. I love the tempting sound of the trumpet here, it totally adds a fun element to the song. Boys, you better dress up for your favorite girls by listening to this song…believe me, it helps you to be Justified!


3) Without You (Blue):

Blue is back! Let’s altogether give them a big yay for being awesome! I honestly expected more in this album, it’s still the original pop tune that Blue usually carries out but for this album….is it me or almost all of the songs sound on the same wavelength? But for this song in particular, it’s so Blueish! The chorus is abso-freaking-lutely catchy and I’m all hooked! I’m not saying that this album is shit, but it’s not there yet 🙂 But on the bright side, there are still some good tracks in which some of you may love and I don’t cuz…again….I’m not a Blue fan haha! But let’s give this a try, you won’t feel Blue!


4) Greyhound (Swedish House Mafia) 

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been into house music lately O_O Specially at night, I always put my headphones on just to feel the beat all by myself in such a tiny little room. This song is the reason why house music is so crucial and prominent nowadays and I’m so freaking in love with Swedish House Mafia! They make such good house music ever! I love this even more that ” Don’t you worry Child” but instead I’m falling for the acoustic version of that song LOL! With your headphones on, turn up the volume and the bass to maximum and BAM! THERE YOU GO!


5) Brave (Josh Groban) 

I’m so sorry, Josh! Already listened to your new album and again….it failed me 😦 But this song is a huge saver of the day haha! It’s the first track of the whole album, it sounds really encouraging and persuasive for those of you who are on the edge of failure and desperately want to crawl up again with bravery. A must listen from Josh, I’d say 🙂 On a scale of 10, I’d give his latest record a 5/10 😦 **le sigh**



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