Hi all, music lovers!
As much as I love music myself, I wanted to create this little blog of myself just to fully express and share one of our most common connections in our lives : music. Without it, life wouldn’t be as much fulfilled as it’s meant to be; and people would be so narrow in order to share their own thoughts and feelings.

I will try to keep you updated with new music, new reflections and of course my personal life as a music lover 🙂 I’m not going to completely brag anything related to my life here, I’d love to keep it to myself and I hope you understand 🙂

Once again, have fun reading my journals and I’ll see you in the next blog entry. 

PS: I once had a blof on but it turned out not so good cuz of the layout is like shit haha! So I decided to move here instead! 🙂 Image
Lots of love,



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