Happy birthday to Adam Lambert vs H-Artistry 2013

Seriously, I’m not quite a big fan of Adam but I truly admire what he’s been doing with music and his life; he’s not afraid of showing who he is to the world and he always carries the “so what” attitude in which I kinda love 😉 So, since today is Adam’s birthday, let me take you guys back to the H-Artistry Concert where we all went crazy!

I honestly hadn’t got that many opportunities so see a live concert, I mean….an outdoor live concert. But H-Artistry had offered us such a big and gigantic chance of a lifetime to go see the show for free. Now, don’t get too excited yet! What I mean “free” here, is that the tickets were not for sale…yes; plus you didn’t have to pay for the tickets. However, you had to enter some kine of an online competition in order to get the tickets; Henessy aka the donor also created a game booth in front of the Nguyen Du Stadium for the participants to actually play the games and if they won…they then did the lucky draw thingy and of course…if they were lucky enough, they could potentially got a ticket! I mean….it was fun but it took a lot a toll on your effort; some of them got frustrated after a few turns. I know, it sounds complicated right? But for the concert, we were asked to come up with different fan groups to get the all access wristband and with this; you were allowed to go into this specialized area that was exclusively made for the fans. I was lucky at the last minute, cuz one of my friends was in this “Glambert’s fan army” and said that he’d save me a place.

Righty, on to the concert! It was totally awesome! We got in a lil bit earlier cuz we were the fan armies haha! The DJ played some familiar tunes for us in order to heat up our energy for the show. NS Yoon G opened up the show with her sweetness of a young and energetic woman; I’m pretty sure that she had to lip-sync cuz she had to dance…but it didn’t really matter. She gave us a big wow by covering ” A Thousand miles” by Vanessa Carlton and she was so warmly welcome by everyone. Aurea was truly a goddess, I gotta say that I’d fallen in love with her since then and I have to admit, I love her more than Duffy ( she looks like Duffy, for God’s sake!). She’s from Portugal but not that well known and I wish she would have been worldwide popular! You’ll see what I mean when you look up her songs on Youtube 😉

Adam Lambert was hell fucking great!!!! He burned that stage down with his band and his background singers, even though he was scheduled to sing 8 songs in a row and there wasn’t that much time for him to get interactive with the fans effectively; but we were still grateful for the fact that he brought his whole production to such a mixed show like this.

Once again, I’m looking forward to seeing Adam live in the future in Vietnam 😉 and Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful persons in the world, that is you…Adam!


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