Days away to the Grammys!

Here we go again!
The 55th Annual Grammy Awards is upon us, and it’s only a few days away! I think I’m gonna be spending most of my time during the Lunar New Year watching and evaluating the nominees. Personally, I think the nominees for this year are very diverse and it  has a little bit of something called “mainstream”. Let’s take a flashback in time, shall we?

Previously, when we think of Grammys, we tend to think of something luxurious and well made; something that requires lots of achievement and sweat in order to have your name in the nomination. But for this year, it’s fun in a way…but it makes the effort goes unworthy. What I truly mean is this, if Carly Rae Jepsen gets 2 nominations for the bubbly pop hit “Call me Maybe”. It’s colorful and fun, but in terms of elements of art…it’s not there yet. Therefore, it makes everything become too easy to win. Nevertheless, there’s a bright side for Carly because she’ll get much more attention as Grammy is finished…more record deals to come and more gigs to play.

Indie music seems to dominate the nomination list this year, with these promising names such as The Lumineers, Fun. and Mumford & Sons. They all deserve to win Best New Artists or some other categories. Even though we haven’t seen much of Adele this year for the birth of her child, but she still manages to have a stand in the category “Best Solo performance” for “Set fire to the Rain (Live Version)”. We wish you best of luck for this year, Adele! And hopefully you’ll come up with some amazing tunes specially made for your husband and your son 😉

In general, let’s see what Grammy has to offer us 😉 It’s still a long story to tell! And for those of you who are still Mr and Mrs Lonely, Grammy is your best dating fella!


4 thoughts on “Days away to the Grammys!

  1. Can you recommend some really good songs from this year’s nominees ?

    Personally, I’m really rooting for Florence + The Machine. Ceremonials is an amazing and interesting album in the terms of music/lyrics. Too bad it didn’t make it in the Album of the Year category. 😦

    Love this article by the way ! :’)

    • Ow thank you so much for reading! As I’ve skimmed through the nomination list, it seems to be so interesting! There are so many good ones which is quite hard to recommend haha! But have u listened to Muse’s latest album The 2nd law? One of the songs called Madness has got it’s name in one of the categories as well! 🙂

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